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Quod Orbis Maturity Assessment

Gain an expert, independent, in-depth view of your organisation’s security posture

Who is the Maturity Assessment for?

The Quod Orbis Maturity Assessment offers CISOs and other security leaders an expert view of their organisation’s security posture. The independent Maturity Assessment provides a status of an enterprise’s networks, information and systems based on information security resources.

It also assesses the enterprise’s ability to comply with given frameworks and respond to cyber threats, evaluates its cyber security strategy and approach, identifies gaps, and outlines prioritised improvements and short- and long-term goals with identifiable actions.

An expert Maturity Assessment such as this to obtain your cyber security posture is a useful first step for any organisation that wants to identify where their controls are at, what they are missing and what they need to do to increase their cyber security maturity level. It can also help organisations strengthen their cybersecurity defences by providing a concrete cyber security roadmap.


We take an in-depth view of the information security status of all IT environments to determine the maturity of your organisation’s practices and capabilities, inclusive of all current industry frameworks and legislation.


This comprehensive Maturity Assessment includes the following deliverables:

  • Evaluation of security architecture, infrastructure and technology
  • Insights into enterprise gaps, weaknesses and risks
  • A list of key control areas that require improvement
  • A roadmap to achieve security readiness.

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