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Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service

CISOaaS: security leadership, guidance and agility

The strategic choice

With increased data breaches and the resulting reputational damage, the need for organisations to have expert, strategic security leadership has never been greater. A simple, flexible way to meet this need – and to safeguard your assets and support your business operations – is with the Quod Orbis CISOaaS (Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service) solution.

Temporary or virtual c-level roles are increasingly popular across many industries and the CISO role is not exempt from this trend.

With our CISOaaS solution, companies can avoid the high financial cost and commitment of attracting and retaining a full-time CISO, as well as having the flexibility to mix new and emerging skill sets with existing roles and expertise.

  • Leadership, advice and guidance via a highly experienced security professional.
  • An individual who will drive your organisation’s information security programme as an extension of your existing team.
  • An initial security assessment, followed by board-level engagement, representing agreed strategies, current status and key performance updates of implemented plans.
  • Coverage of regulatory compliance, data privacy and security architecture, as well as key liaison within your business.
  • The advantages of an in-house, full-time CISO, without the associated overheads and recruitment challenges.
  • A cost-effective way of maintaining information security systems and managing risk.
  • An extension to your organisation’s digital risk management capabilities.
  • An ongoing security presence, to manage compliance and mitigate breaches.

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