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About Quod Orbis

Extensive track record and industry credentials

Privately owned and founded in 2018 by some of the most experienced individuals in the industry, we are a fast-growing, innovative company providing market-leading expertise in cyber security and Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM).

Leaders in Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and cyber security services

We are at the forefront of both CCM and cyber/digital/risk services in general. CCM is the advanced, Gartner-recognised, security technology solution that delivers real-time visibility of data to identify, automate, monitor and improve the effectiveness of controls and cyber risk management in our clients’ organisations.

Enterprise-grade solutions and expertise

Our expert team leads the way in the latest evolution of enterprise risk and security solutions for organisations worldwide. Our clients include large corporations, government, household name brands, as well as many medium-size organisations. We work across sectors such as financial services, banking, aerospace and leisure.

Our people are highly qualified, with the latest industry accreditations. As a company we have numerous industry credentials including HM Government G-Cloud approved supplier and Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Quod Orbis at a glance

  • Established business based in central London
  • Extensive track record in the delivery of business-critical enterprise security solutions
  • Established business based in central London
  • Highly skilled, engineering-led team of senior cyber security consultants and digital system architects
  • Qualified with the latest industry accreditations
  • Clients include major global enterprises as well as medium-size organisations.

Peace of mind for your business through reduced risk and cost

We are committed to delivering peace of mind to our clients, alongside major efficiency gains and cost reduction. We do this by helping them to significantly reduce their digital risk, streamline operations and improve service.

Talking the language of business

Advanced technology counts for nothing if it is not aligned to business goals and delivered and supported by experts who understand not only technology but also the client business and its needs.

We identify risk, fix the issues and set security strategy through clear and simple definition of the problem and the solution, and then deliver against prioritised end goals. With this no-nonsense approach we cut through the hype to help transform and secure our clients’ businesses.

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