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Use Cases

Examples of how Quod Orbis CCM addresses your organisation’s cyber security and digital risk challenges


Discover how the benefits of the Quod Orbis CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) managed solution apply across a range of roles and disciplines to deliver optimal cyber security risk posture management for your organisation.

Whether you’re a CEO, CIO, CISO, CRO, a Head of Audit or Compliance or a decision-maker in a Security, Risk & Compliance or IT team, Quod Orbis CCM will help you drive rapid improvements and ROI.

Use Case


For teams such as Cyber Assurance and Cyber Oversight, and for those involved in governance and board reporting, Quod Orbis CCM provides the confidence that data is current, accurate and that controls are working effectively. You benefit from critical assurances, such as:

  • The Quod Orbis CCM platform is a fact- and evidence-based system with unified output that is accurate, real-time information from a single source of truth
  • Output that is agnostic and wholly independent of, for example, a particular department’s interpretation of data
  • Critical information in real-time – you no longer have to rely on, or wait for, different operational and IT teams to report
  • No false sense of security, as can often arise from the use of an abundance of security tools and the assumption they are all operating correctly – with Quod Orbis CCM, you can see and know the true status of those tools
  • Compliance monitoring and continuous assurance to demonstrate that due care has been taken – helping to mitigate potential fines in the event of an incident
  • Coverage of other areas of exposure beyond risk and compliance controls, such as Key Performance Indicators/Key Risk Indicators.
Use Case


From operational level to board level, Quod Orbis CCM provides complete, continuous and consistent visibility of your controls via role-specific dashboards. This real-time visibility ensures:

  • A single source of truth, in a single pane of glass, 24/7
  • Aggregation and correlation of multiple data sources/investments to provide a complete, holistic picture that is technology/data-source agnostic
  • An independent view that is completely impartial
  • Discovery of any coverage issues, such as key controls missing from critical assets
  • Early warning of any potential issues so they can be remedied before they impact your business
  • Actionable insights – see the evidence that underpins a control and what needs remediation
  • The ability to highlight exposure and steer investment decisions based on factual information, controls effectiveness and gaps.
Use Case


Quod Orbis CCM reduces risk by moving from a manual, point-in-time (typically annual) view to an automated, real-time view for governance, risk and compliance, and cyber security teams, and for your board too. This enables:

  • A quantitative approach based on factual data
  • Alignment of risks to actual control efficacy, rather than to a given team’s interpretation of a control
  • Risk team focus on critical priorities rather than following up issues that subsequently prove to be based on false, outdated or misconstrued information
  • Our experts manage the CCM platform for you, and our service wrap provides continuous support, allowing your teams to focus on the output without the distraction of system management
  • Effective GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) and IRM (integrated Risk Management) programmes, with near elimination of manual tracking of risks and continuous control improvements that reduce overall business risk
  • Flexibility to support any organisational approach to risk reporting/modelling
  • Absolute truth through the removal of manual error, emotion, colouration and differing styles/approaches/capabilities, which can often occur when collecting and presenting data using traditional manual methods.
Use Case


With Quod Orbis CCM, your GRC/IRM programmes really come to life, as automated, continuous compliance replaces manual attestations for huge time and cost savings and optimal speed and accuracy. The many compliance-related benefits include:

  • Any regulation, any framework – including bespoke internal standards
  • Security compliance automation, continually updated with latest legislation/framework revisions, allowing simple re-baselining
  • The move from manual, point-in-time activities to automated compliance and a real-time view, including compliance tracking and compliance monitoring
  • Removes the need for a pre-audit scramble, with all evidence provided in one place
  • Automation that dramatically reduces duplicated effort, time and cost – internal resources no longer have to do the same thing differently for multiple audits (internal, external, ISO, SOX, PCI etc)
  • Compliance teams can now focus on the things that really matter
  • A basis for effective and economic GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) and IRM (Integrated Risk Management) programmes.
Use Case


Without CCM, controls management and cyber security, risk, audit and compliance activities are typically point-in-time, manually intensive and prone to human error. With CCM, they are automated, accurate, in real time, and you see real business benefit. These benefits include:

  • Multiple data sources/investments aggregated and correlated to provide a complete, holistic picture that is technology/data-source agnostic
  • Timeliness, as there is no longer a reliance on, or waiting for, operational and IT teams to report
  • Confidence that the data output is accurate and free of any possible department-centric interpretation
  • Absolute truth through the removal of manual error, emotion, colouration and differing styles/approaches/capabilities, which can occur when collecting and presenting data using traditional manual methods
  • Huge time and cost savings as a result of automated assessments – including audit and compliance automation – as well as automated controls systems monitoring
  • Quod Orbis experts automate many of your processes as part of CCM platform set-up and onboarding
  • Your teams can now focus on the critical output that needs action, not the mundane and the low risk.
Use Case


Quod Orbis CCM provides a tracking programme for continuous improvement and increasing maturity. It’s a visible, accurate gauge of how your organisation is getting better and how it is managing cyber risk more effectively. The benefits of this include:

  • Reduced breachability as controls effectiveness and maturity are constantly monitored and improved
  • Enhanced security posture and reduced cost
  • Benchmarking against peers to understand how you compare, whether your level of spend is sufficient, and how you align to industry best practice
  • Visibility of how your organisation is improving in managing threats, risks and compliance, including compliance tracking and monitoring
  • Transparency and easy reporting of maturity to the board, against any maturity framework or against internal Key Risk Indicators
  • The ability to inform and steer investment decisions through improved business cases and budget projections based on factual information, controls effectiveness and gaps.

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