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A variety of legacy Systems are an open door to Cyber criminals

It’s true to say that that with the exception of new start-up’s, most businesses have legacy systems to manage. This can be for a multitude of reasons: Firstly, these may be systems inherited and are thus considered, rightly or wrongly, too low risk and therefore not imperative to upgrade; couple that with the cost to […]

The Top 6 Benefits of Continuous Controls Monitoring

A cacophony of complications has meant that businesses are struggling to implement a security plan that offers the assurance they need that defenses can prevent cyber-attacks Increased regulation, higher customer expectations, investment in emerging technology and expanded risk management have placed potentially detrimental pressure on budgets. Coupled with that is the need to be agile […]

How Continuous Controls Monitoring can support Gartner’s top 7 Cyber Security Trends of 2022?

Gartner identified the Top 7 Cyber Security Trends of 2022 – so how can Continuous Controls Monitoring support these emerging trends?

Does your data help you thrive or survive?

Our networks are rich with data and the explosion that has occurred, particularly before, during and after covid, has caused severe consequences in many businesses as IT teams struggle to move, store, analyse and protect a business’s prized asset. An IDC report in 2018, predicted that the global data sphere would grow to 163 zettabytes […]


What keeps GRC professionals like you awake at night? If you’re anything like most of the other GRC professionals to whom we regularly speak, it’s a question with a very simple answer: the inadequacies of your organisation’s GRC platform. Which matters, a lot. Because to the modern organisation, solid capabilities in governance, risk management, and […]

PCI DSS v4.0 is coming: how to meet its continuous compliance challenges

If your organisation accepts card payments—think Visa, Mastercard, American Express and so on—then you’ll know it has to comply with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s PCI Data Security Standard version 3.2.1 (PCI DSS v3.2.1). No ifs. No buts. If your organisation accepts card payments, then compliance is a requirement. And of course so […]

Alert fatigue: missed cyber threats, staff retention issues and, ultimately, business crisis

The ever-growing number of cyber alerts and resultant ‘alert fatigue’ is creating a vicious cycle that can turn into crisis situations for business leaders. But, before we look at evidence of the scale and severity of alert fatigue—and the attendant high cost for businesses—here’s the true and salutary story of Jake. It demonstrates just how […]

Continuous Controls Monitoring: offering a unified approach to the 3 lines of defence.

In your organisation, who is responsible for cyber risk? As organisations grow the answer to this question becomes less clear. In smaller organisations a single person inevitably looks after security and as decisions are mainly based upon perceived risk then they also manage cyber risk. But as organisations grow these roles get split. Naturally the […]

Protecting against supply chain attacks: how Continuous Controls Monitoring can provide assurance

Increasingly, businesses have two supply chains. There’s the familiar physical supply chain, along which physical goods flow—and then, in parallel, there’s an information supply chain, along which data flows. But not always just data. Because connecting a business’s IT systems to those of its customers and suppliers can expose the business to threats, as well. […]

Continuous Control Monitoring: putting audit back in control

For internal audit functions, a worrying circularity occurs when auditing IT controls. And it’s this: to obtain the data that the audit function needs to check, it is necessary for them to go to a plethora of different business functions and request it. In other words, the controls being audited, are owned by the very same […]

How Continuous Controls Monitoring helps to mature your cyber security strategy

There is little debate about most facets of an effective cyber security strategy. Should it dovetail with the IT strategy, for instance? Of course. Should it complement the overall business strategy? Without doubt. Should it secure as many IT and data assets, end points and services as is pragmatically possible? Naturally. And so on, and […]

Ransomware: how Continuous Control Monitoring can provide protection against attacks

Quite rightly, many businesses—and their IT security specialists—are concerned about ransomware attacks. 2021 saw a number of high-profile attacks, with the threat showing no sign of abating in 2022. And, locked out of their systems, their data, and their networks, businesses have few easy choices left open to them. Many seriously consider paying up. However, […]

Principles of application security: the importance of making security everybody’s business in your organisation

Application Security which is sometimes shortened to ‘AppSec’ – is an increasingly important Cybersecurity field, especially considering the growing variety and number of online buying and selling activities and platforms. These different ecommerce activities may be carried out on websites, through online games, apps or via smart home devices. Application Security encompasses all the security […]

Continuous Controls Monitoring: New analysis maps out 75% annual cost savings on audits and compliance

Cyber security and risk management spending is forecast to grow yet again in 2021, putting even further strain on businesses and their profits. But should boardrooms accept the need for bigger and bigger budgets, or look for more effective solutions? Talking to CEOs, CFOs and CISOs regularly, as we do, it’s clear they’re not happy […]

Enhanced levels of cyber security and a robust future strategy for Paysafe

Cyber security is a real-world, evolving challenge. Businesses need to stay on top of advances in technology and digitisation, as well as increased regulatory requirements and changes in the cyber threat landscape. With cyber-attacks increasing in scale and severity, organisations are starting to prioritise strategies to mitigate their risk. This was a challenge that Paysafe, […]

That familiar cyber pain – and the new automated solution

3 things every senior executive must understand about cyber security — including how Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) is the new de facto for easing cyber pain When Gartner named ”cybersecurity control failures” top of the list of executive concerns in its global Emerging Risks Monitor Report, was anyone really surprised? Business executives probably just experienced […]

A simply superior approach: why Gartner thinks you need to know about continuous controls monitoring

Chances are, your organisation is reasonably comfortable with how it manages cyber security risk. Because—let’s face it—we all know that cyber security risks are very real, and the consequences of a cyber security breach can be very serious and costly. Successful organisations—at least those that want to continue to be successful—are, more than ever before, […]

Understanding your assets is the starting point to securing them

“Asset visibility” is a recognised core concept in Information Security and there are few factors which are more important today than knowing exactly what you have in your estate. Assets can be anything from physical devices also known as hardware, buildings or other infrastructure and non-tangible resources for example cloud resources, and data. Gaining asset […]

So, is it the end of ev ssl certificates?

So, with Troy Hunt proclaiming that EV is dead, is this actually true or just one-man (well probably more than just Mr Hunt) campaign? Background As a recap / piece of history, EV (Extended Validation) Certification, is basically the top level for SSL certificates (all known as the “gold standard”) which requires the Certificate Authority […]

Remote working during critical times

The Assurance That Organisations Need to Have and Provide With the advent of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the government’s mandate stipulating self-isolation, restriction in movement and social distancing, organisations can expect to reduce the impact in productivity by enabling the ability to provide remote working for their employees. But what does remote working mean and […]

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