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The Quod Orbis CCM ‘service wrap’ difference

Our unique blended approach: CCM platform + expert ongoing service, all in one unified solution


Making the difference to your business

With the Quod Orbis CCM managed platform you get:

The Quod Orbis CCM platform itself, for complete controls visibility, reduced risk, and audit automation and automated compliance in your business.

Uniquely, you also get this:

Our wrap-around service, which gives you the added reassurance of ongoing platform management and support from Quod Orbis experts.

The benefits include:

  • On-boarding, data sources and ongoing platform maintenance all taken care of by Quod Orbis
  • Creation of your role- and team-specific dashboards
  • Continuous monitoring of your controls by Quod Orbis experts for an additional, independent view of your control metrics in real time
  • The assurance that your controls remain 100% accurate
  • Maximised visibility of cyber risks and expert support to manage and mitigate them
  • Continuous compliance, all evidenced, through security compliance automation
  • Support with how best to utilise the data output from the CCM platform and more time for your people to focus on improving cyber resilience.

6 more reasons why the Quod Orbis CCM managed solution stands apart

Our leading CCM platform can be deployed from the cloud or on premise; from which we collect telemetry from controls, process them through our engine and present back a holistic view of your organisation’s status in the form of a digital risk dashboard.

Our CCM solution minimises your organisation’s business risk by using real-time metrics to identify, automate, monitor and improve upon your risk status. With a ‘single pane of glass’ view of all your controls and vulnerabilities, tailored to your business, we provide visibility of your environment like never before.

Quod Orbis CCM is truly an enterprise-grade solution that offers businesses the highest level of confidence and assurance. No longer are senior management and the board kept in the dark over risk status. As well as giving those in security, risk and audit and compliance complete controls visibility in real time, dashboard access can be extended and tailored to middle and top management as required.

Quod Orbis CCM makes it simple to meet regulatory compliance and other standards through compliance automation. It maps to compliance frameworks and reports compliance status in real time and also to cyber risk frameworks, reporting alignment status in real time.

The potential savings compared to the traditional, largely manually management of controls and audit and compliance are huge. A typical FTSE 500 medium/large organisation with medium to high compliance requirements could cut costs by 75% per year (in excess of £1 million a year) by using the Quod Orbis CCM managed solution.

Simply talk to us about what your business needs. We are totally flexible and can deliver a service that monitors and assures all your controls or, if you prefer, a range of control types or even a single category of controls (such as SOX). Get in touch now.

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