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Does your data help you thrive or survive?

Our networks are rich with data and the explosion that has occurred, particularly before, during and after covid, has caused severe consequences in many businesses as IT teams struggle to move, store, analyse and protect a business’s prized asset.

An IDC report in 2018, predicted that the global data sphere would grow to 163 zettabytes by 2025 and the stark reality is that many businesses have not, or are only at the beginning of, starting to unlock the value of data.

Are you a thriver or survivor?

The key to utilising the power of your data is to have the mindset of a thriver. Thrivers embrace new technology and automation and have shifted to focusing on data driven decisions, using data to drive innovation and streamline their operations.

In contrast, survivors have yet to embrace new technologies or invest correctly to utilise the power that data can unlock for their business.

The IDC report indicated from their research that thrivers reduce their operational costs by 2.7 times more than survivors and achieve 39% higher overall IT productivity, delivering 64% faster IT services because of a desire to drive automation and data, underpinning all IT services innovations.

This is as a result of leading thrivers taking a unique approach and assessing investment priorities and redirecting their data centres role in enabling the business to be fueled by data.

What is the positive impact of great data use?

Data generation and delivery transforms how a business connects with the customer; it delivers revenue streams and, overall, improves operational effectiveness. This is underpinned by the thrivers utilising emerging technologies and innovations, particularly focusing on:

  • IOT – to collect the data
  • AI – to help make sense of the data
  • AR/VR – to visualise the data

The competitive differentiation between thrivers and survivors is driven significantly by this technology.

By rethinking how they use their datacentres, thrivers have comprehended that datacentres are not a single building but a culmination of them embracing multiple IT delivery models.

However, there are 3 key areas to focus on in the delivery of excelling data:

1. Security

Thrivers understand that the focus on physical security and data security is of paramount importance in terms of compliance monitoring and protecting their assets.

The rapid deployment of AI analytic systems across all resources and delivery of new capabilities is a result of leveraging emerging technologies such as IOT, AI, AR and VR and thrivers are rapidly investing in this type of tech.

There is a realisation that without adopting technology that simplifies management and autonomous operations this can impede resilience against cyber attacks.

2. Reduce Management Complexities

The use of infrastructure technology that leverages automation has been acknowledged by thrivers as a key driver in simplifying any management complexities and simplifies their operations and reduces significant alert fatigue.

In essence, thrivers use embedded data with integrated analytics and AI in their IT data management processes over 19 times* more than survivors do. Greater investment in advanced infrastructure has supported thrivers in overcoming management complexities and is elevating their operational strategies for higher success than survivors.

3. Leverage on premise and cloud

Thrivers use a multicloud strategy or a combination of public and private cloud solutions to increase their ability to handle significant data growth.

They trust the infrastructure and therefore are achieving a 2x higher productivity rate and 34% additional revenue*.

The QO view:

In essence it is the mix of these three core strategies that thrivers have embraced that is propelling their operational success.

Data is of paramount importance to a business and embracing new technologies such as Continuous Controls Monitoring is accelerating their operational success.  

CCM offers a single source of truth into the health of your business.

Consider data as a metric, collected from your security, business and IT tools. These metrics are an indicator of the health of your security controls and compliance. You may have IT teams already doing this, but think about this – how much would it alleviate your teams if this was continuously monitored by automation based on the controls you had implemented? That would ease the pressure and allow your IT teams to focus on other important areas of your IT environment.

The IDC report concluded the following stark facts that support embracing new technologies such as continuous controls monitoring in compliance and security:

  • Thrivers develop 74% substantially more deals winning 34% more than survivors*
  • Achieve 25-35% higher profits*
  • Reduce operational costs by 2.7%*
  • 39% higher IT Staff productivity *
  • Reduce customer churn by 25%*
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 75% *

Thrivers seem pretty successful right? As a business or IT leader, who wouldn’t want to deliver those kinds of results to their business by embracing new technologies such as CCM? Why not find out more at

* Statistics from IDC White Paper | Emerging Technology and Modern IT: The Key to Unlocking Your Data Capita

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