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Our Continuous Controls Monitoring Platform

Your single source of truth with complete controls visibility and a unique level of protection for your business


See the value Quod Orbis CCM brings to your business

The Quod Orbis CCM solution automatically monitors your controls so you don’t have to, providing an unprecedented level of tangible and visible business protection, 24/7.

The #1 concern of business executives globally

Cyber security
control failures

The traditional approach to cyber security is no longer enough

Complete controls visibility 24/7, for dramatically reduced business risk and costs

Quod Orbis CCM

  • Complete, real-time cyber controls visibility 24/7 – from operational level to board level – via user-friendly dashboards
  • Includes unique wrap-around service for ongoing platform management and risk identification by Quod Orbis experts
  • Dramatically reduces your business risk and enhances your security posture
  • Audit automation and security compliance automation for huge time and cost savings
  • Delivered as a tailored and scalable managed security SaaS, in the cloud or on-premise
  • Manage risk with accuracy and confidence and make better business decisions
  • Gartner-recognised risk management technology with “High” benefits rating.

Automation of all control processes

Any framework, any control

Cut costs by around 75%* a year

Rapid ROI in around 5 months**

Seamless integration with your security tools, systems and data

*Compared to annual cost of traditional, manual-intensive approach to cyber security/risk management in a FTSE 500 medium/large organisation with medium to high compliance requirements. **Typical ROI/payback for a company with this profile.

Unique ‘service wrap’ difference

With Quod Orbis CCM managed platform, you also get our continuous wrap-around service.

So alongside complete controls visibility for key staff and teams within your organisation, you also have the assurance that all your controls remain effective – because our experts ensure that they do. Find out more about the Quod Orbis CCM service wrap .

Complete controls visibility in a single pane of glass – with expert support

User-friendly dashboards

As a Quod Orbis CCM client you will access our CCM platform through role-specific dashboards, tailored to the needs of your business or objectives. Each dashboard provides user-friendly, comprehensive reporting and analysis, alarming and audit information.

Automatic ingestion of controls data

The Quod Orbis CCM platform automatically ingests controls information. The platform collects data through easy-to-deploy, secure telemetry configured to interrogate your environment and security technologies.

It then serves as a single source of information that shows the different degrees to which the chosen controls in an organisation are being met.

The expert solution: from onboarding to ongoing support

Following fixed-price set-up and onboarding, you benefit from the predictable, known cost of our CCM managed solution, which includes ongoing CCM platform management, support and controls expertise as part of the unique Quod Orbis service wrap.

The Quod Orbis CCM service delivery model: infinitely better

Four stages of service delivery

The Quod Orbis CCM managed solution is delivered in four stages, as shown in the schematic above.

Each of the four stages is a continuous, integral part of a complete solution.

Stage 1: Identify

Real risks, vulnerabilities, and the controls needed

We define and prioritise the controls needed to close exposures and ensure compliance using scientific, quantitative and proven methodologies.

Stage 2: Automate

Because time-consuming manual doesn’t cut it any longer

We automate and measure controls and maturity in key control areas, whilst identifying areas for improvement at the micro and macro levels. Cost savings and efficiency gains can be huge.

Stage 3: Monitor

Real peace of mind for your business, and in real time

You get complete controls visibility in-house, but our experts monitor too. So, you always know that all of your IT investments, controls and processes are working effectively.

Stage 4: Improve

Continuous improvement, because risks don’t stand still

We continually assess the effectiveness of your controls against defined objectives, with demonstrable week-on-week improvements to your organisation’s treatment of risks.

Enterprise-grade security and flexibility

As well as being user-friendly, the Quod Orbis CCM managed platform meets the highest standards to satisfy the requirements of those responsible for your organisation’s IT governance, risk and security posture.

  • In the cloud or on-premise
  • Dedicated, not multi-tenanted
  • Sends controls-effectiveness metrics, ingested directly to the CCM platform
  • Viability for any data source
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest (AES256)
  • Horizontal and geographical scaling
  • Enterprise features (SAML/SSO)
  • Secure credential vaulting.