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Why cyber risk is a board-level issue

Board representation for risk is growing, but confidence must also increase

Digital and boardroom transformation

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 40% of boards (up from 10% at January 2021) will have a“dedicated Cybersecurity Committee, overseen by a qualified board member”. The reasons given for this increased boardroom focus on cyber risk management are:   

Underlying issues that are increasing risk and cost

Below are the key reasons why traditional ways of managing security controls and associated audits and compliance are no longer sustainable, both at operational level and at board level.

Error rate

Security controls (as typically managed in many businesses) are inconsistent and degrade over time. The error rate is therefore likely to increase.

Speed of execution

Relying on teams to respond manually to security controls issues is a severe limiter on speed of response.


The amount of effort required from IT and compliance teams to maintain controls, collect evidence and repair is unsustainable.


Compliance audits for GDPR, PCI, Basel, SOX, ISO etc are often manual and point-in-time/annual.

The Quod Orbis CCM managed platform effectively removes all of the above issues to give your organisation the agility, confidence and assurance it needs in a digitally dependent business age.

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