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What is Continuous Controls Monitoring?

What you need to know, and why your business needs to assess CCM now

Reduce your costs, protect your profits

What is Continuous Controls Monitoring exactly?

According to Gartner, “Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) is a set of technologies to reduce business losses through continuous monitoring and reducing the cost of audits through continuous auditing of the controls in financial and other transactional applications.”   

Why your business needs CCM now

A maturing and increasingly stringent regulatory environment – and continuing digital transformation with its attendant, increasing risk of breaches – all mean that businesses must act, and quickly.   

The controls landscape explained

CCM is the new benchmark for organisations looking to streamline compliance and manage cyber risk more effectively. It can offer complete visibility over all your cyber solutions, and help you to maximise your current investments and highlight any potential gaps in coverage.   

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