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CCM Costs & ROI Analysis

The significant cost and efficiency benefits of CCM vs manual, point-in-time management of cyber controls

Quod Orbis CCM: a new and better way

The old way

  • Organisations with substantial investment in digital systems, payment systems and data traditionally manage cyber security, risk, audits and compliance through a patchwork of largely manual, resource- and money-sapping activities.
  • Your teams are forced to spend huge amounts of time on manual controls-checking, audit and compliance activities across multiple, non-integrated tools and spreadsheets.
  • This results in high costs in all areas, not least annual audits.
  • Moreover, much of the activity undertaken in these areas is point-in-time, unreliable, not linked to real data, and therefore likely to be inaccurate.
  • You also leave your organisation exposed to the even greater potential cost and long-term impact of a breach.

The Quod Orbis CCM way

  • Quod Orbis CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) automates controls management, audits and compliance for continuous compliance and enhanced cyber resilience and security posture.
  • Quod Orbis CCM is a managed service, so your teams and your organisation also get expert and independent support – with your organisation’s CCM platform, data output and alerts also being continuously monitored by experts at Quod Orbis.
  • Accuracy and confidence is assured
  • Your costs drop dramatically, as does your risk.

How we achieve this, and the typical costs, cost savings and ROI, are all detailed in our CCM Costs and ROI Analysis Infographic

The high cost of the traditional approach

We continually review client environments to assess the cost of the traditional, largely manual, approach to managing and auditing security controls systems.

  • In a typical FTSE 500 medium/large organisation with medium to high compliance requirements, these costs (staff costs + annual assessment costs) can be around £1.2m per annum.
  • In larger organisations, or businesses with the most demanding compliance requirements, those costs can easily be £2m or more per annum.

The numerous benefits of the Quod Orbis CCM approach

  • By deploying the Quod Orbis CCM managed platform, ongoing savings on these costs of around 75% a year can be achieved.
  • Cost savings, whilst significant, are amongst a much wider range of far-reaching business benefits.
  • A clear, comparative picture of the cost savings, ROI and many benefits of Quod Orbis CCM is shown in our CCM Costs and ROI Analysis Infographic.

Other cost exposure considerations

Business leaders and decision makers must also factor in the potential cost exposure of persisting with ineffective traditional methods of controls monitoring, audits and compliance.

Such an approach makes little or no business sense, however. An effective Continuous Controls Monitoring solution such as the Quod Orbis CCM managed platform not only enhances security posture and cyber resilience, but also delivers very significant cost savings over the traditional, manual-intensive approach.

The cost of a breach

$3.86m average, 7.13m in healthcare

The average total cost of a data breach was $3.86m in 2020, with Healthcare having the highest industry average cost at $7.13m.

Source: IBM/Ponemon, Cost of Data Breach Study 2020.

Time spent on a breach

280 days on average

The average time spent identifying and containing a data breach (the “breach lifecycle”) was 280 days in 2020. However, breach costs can linger for years.

Source: IBM/Ponemon, Cost of Data Breach Study 2020.

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